Well hello everyone! Check out our new our new Reboot Games website design, debuting today! What do you think? It's steampunk to the nines! A fabulous artist named Tom McGrath did the artwork for the top banner and side panes. You will only see the beautiful side panes on a desktop or laptop device though.

If you like the art style, check out Tom's work on DeviantArt: spikedmcgrath.deviantart.com or his personal website: www.spikedmcgrath.com. You may notice that he's kind of obsessed with airships...

What's that? You're new here? Well, let me tell you a little about Reboot Games. Our goal is to produce super-fun board games that are exclusively steampunk in theme. And not your typical cartoon-fantasy steampunk that you see all over the place – our games will be realistic, sci-fi steampunk like you've probably never seen in a game before, complete with a back-story and fleshed-out world.

Our upcoming game Airships of Oberon is our first example of this new style. We plan to launch that game on Kickstarter in mid-November. Stay tuned for more information about the launch! But in the meantime, we already have an info page for it -- just click 'Games' in the top nav. We'll be updating that section frequently in the next several weeks as we ramp up for our Kickstarter.

You'll also notice a "Reviews" link in the top nav. That's for our new Board Game Review show on Youtube, Meeple Talk! If you love board games and want a fun, entertaining and honest review in under 10 minutes, watch our shows! We launch a new one every Friday.

So that's the site. Do you like it? Do you have ideas for improvement? Email us and let us know!

Disclaimer: No champagne bottles were killed during the debut of this site.

Adam Love