We finally have our Meeple Talk shows up on Youtube, hosted by Adam and Stephanie! We review all kinds of board games — the newest and most cutting-edge games, classic games, unusual games, Kickstarter games and even the occasional 'filler' games. We'll give you fun, informative and honest reviews every Friday night. We tell you exactly what we think – our 100% unvarnished opinions. We are not a promotion machine. We don't take any money for reviews or give any favors to anyone. If a game is great we'll tell you, and if it has 'issues' we'll tell you that stuff too.

So how did this show come about? You may think we just whipped this up over a week or two, but no, we actually started way back in February 2015. One winter morning my friend Stephanie and I were having tea and I said "Hey, let's start a Youtube show for board games!" Stephanie said, "That sounds cool! What should we call it?" We brainstormed for a while and came up with Meeple Talk.

Then we got to work. I had an old Panasonic camera but it didn't record in HD so we just used Stephanie's little Canon Powershot. However that camera only recorded video for 10 minutes and then stopped! So we thought, let's just have 10-minute shows – people are busy and don't have time to watch long reviews anyway.

For audio, I had an Oktavia MK-12 microphone, and I bought a Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 mic pre-amp for it and plugged that into my laptop. We decided to record the video and audio separately and combine them when we edited. For our video editor, I bought Corel Video Studio x7 on sale. Then for our backdrop, we took a couple bookcases and stocked them up with some of our board games. We were ready to record!

But when we looked at our video footage, there was not enough light. So I bought seven Daylight LED bulbs and some cheap clip-on lamps and we set them up around the room. Voila, nice lighting! We recorded again, spent some time figuring out how to use Video Studio, and had our first video.

Then the fiddling began. We thought it would be cool to have animated meeples in the intro. So I made a 30-second animation for them. But then I realized it would take too long to create a new animation for every show. So we scaled that down quite a bit. For the credits, we had this idea of cameo shots of us being silly with the game pieces. This turned out to be a huge amount of fun, so we decided to do it for every show. For the music, we went to a cool website called Melody Loops and found some suitable background audio.

By the end of spring, we had a half-dozen videos and we had sped up our process by recording the show, the still shots and the promo pictures all in one sitting. We also created intro and credits templates so we could just pop in the new content for each new video.

Over the summer, life got in the way, but in October things had settled down and we were ready to launch! And now you can check out our show. We really hope you like it.

Adam Love